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“ Made for people that have little to no experience online. I now have the tools to make money. ”

- Al, Mesquite, Texas

“ Starting an adult novelty business is easy when you have the right tools from someone that's successful. Dick Ross is legit. ”

- De Shawn, Albany, Georgia

" I now know why I wasn't selling products from my storefront. This approach is easy to understand and apply. “

- Jessica, Columbia, Maryland



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Work smarter and create additional revenue using a business model that works. You don’t have to bang your head against the wall. Become an affiliate marketer in the adult novelty industry. You will be known as an online novelty consultant. Turn everyone’s favorite activity into a business creating the lifestyle you desire. The adult industry generates billions of dollars every year and it is growing. Claim your share today. Online novelty consultants enjoy some of the highest commissions of any opportunity. The Sex Toy Blueprint presents an easy to implement plan designed for novices. There is nothing to loose and everything to gain.